Love is not Rational

Not all love story is a fairy tale. You may be happy in the beginning but eventually you would still part ways. Not all 2 people in love with each other will end up together. Not all love means happiness. Love is not rational.

Love is a tricky thing. The person whom you are in love with is the person who gives you infinite happiness and yet he/she is the same person that gives you the eternal heartache. Don’t get me wrong though. Love is not just tricky but also a very powerful emotion that can make someone do things unimaginable. Life without love is meaningless. Life with so much love can encompass everything else in the world.

What would happen if the person you love most is someone you cannot have? Someone you cannot be with? Your world would seem to fall apart. Darkness covers your whole being. It may be because you are both not compatible to each other or maybe another person is trying to get in the way. You would tell me that if you love each other you always be compatible. You see, that is what separated the young and the mature love. Young love tends to see that love conquers all! Mature love knows that somewhere along the way you would disagree on a lot of things. But of course you grew up in 2 different households! But if you knew how to compromise then maybe it would work out.

No, I am not being such a loser or bitter. I am just trying to say that sometimes love is not enough. You may love someone so deeply but if situation is at its worst we do not have the assurance that we can overcome them.

What if you fell in love with someone who is already owned by someone?


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