Stressful Life?

Most people nowadays are over stressed! Who isn’t? We may have the latest technology at hand but think about it, the more gadgets we have (and the faster we can do things) the more stressful life we have! The people then do not have smartphones or vacuum cleaners or fast cars not even a computer but they lived a happy, simple and stress-free life. I’m not kidding.

So what do we do Generation Y and Z?

I have here some tips I hope can at least help you out on your day to day activities.


  1. Start writing a “To Do” list. Tonight before you head to bed you start to list down all the urgent things you need to do tomorrow. Watch out though. I did not say important. Something might be important to do but not necessarily mean urgent. So again, start with the urgent things, then proceed to important. Do not kid your self. You know which one it is.


2. Make your bed first thing in the morning. I found out that a nice, clean and well made bed makes me think clearly. Let’s just say that maybe a good organizations skills start at your very own bedroom.


3. Cook a hearty breakfast. After all it is the most important meal of the day! You need a lot of energy to make it through the day at work or whatever you have to accomplish.


4. Clean your kitchen. Did you know that most of my ideas were thought of in my kitchen? So I make sure that my kitchen is clean and organize (and smells clean!) so that productive thoughts will keep coming.


5. Take a bath / Shower. Nothing beats a feeling that is clean and fresh!


6. Dress up! If you must put on your make up and jewelries. Anything that would make you feel good, put it on. But please, nothing too extreme. I often like to wear my comfy clothes. Clean pair of jeans and white t-shirt as I work at home.


7. Last but not the least, have a tidy working table! With too much to think about and too much to do all day, a tidy table is a must. Don’t argue with your attitude that you can still find everything even your table is in chaos. It is not helping you focus on your tasks. Messy working table would mean less productivity. I promise.

Well, I hope you can do this at least one step at a time. You may have to change some bits and pieces but you know what I mean. We are living in a fast-phase world where everybody is running just to make sure they will get to their destination. Sometimes I wonder, do they know where they are really going?


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