Intricacies of Life

I don’t have any idea what to write…

Heck! I don’t even have a title while writing these 2 lines.

All I know is I wanted to write something. There’s a lot going in my mind that I don’t even know where to start. It’s like slicing a fresh orange but no juice is coming out.

Have you ever felt that way? Have you experienced the same thing? You want to write something and yet your hands are not doing any writing or typing at all?

I wanted to be one of the best social media consultant in the world. Yes, world. I have clients in Australia, in the United States and here in my own country. Although this particular home client of mine is one hell of a challenge. Monetary wise, they pay okay. But some of the top management are people still living in the 80’s. Not that the approach they have in mind is not good. It’s just it is not applicable to what we are dealing right now. Seems they were trap in the era where technology means having a rotary phone. So much about that client…Anyway, as I was saying I want to be the BEST! But I can’t seem to find time to train my self in the field. I won’t blame time. Time is here. Myself is not cooperating. Too lazy. Too stubborn.

And that is one of my problem. I want to do a lot of things but myself is not doing anything. It’s like wanting to exercise where I open YouTube, find a video for beginners on how to exercise properly. All I do is watch. I was not moving. My self is just sitting here and watching the trainer do her thing.

I have so many ideas running while I am inside the restroom but when I come back to sit in front of my PC everything went blank!

I know that the problem is ME. I know that I have to start doing something. I know that the solution is within me. But why am I so lazy?! What the F is wrong with me?!

Oh! now I have a title!



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