Sacked Out!

I was sacked out today! The call that woke me up was the HR manager.

I can’t complain because I am only a consultant and they can fire me anytime they want to. The sad thing is that I am already decided that I will resign at the end of the month but they fired me before I can do that!

I was working as a Business Development Consultant for a company who is marketing a medical device for the first time here in the country. Although concept-wise, there has been like it in the country but because of red tape the product is not moving forward.

I feel like it will happen to the same product that the company I used to work for. The owner wants to have it marketed to the government. He wants to do it without giving anything in return to the officials who will ask for the budget to purchase those products!

My recommendation was to market it first to doctors, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and big time medical suppliers. Well, what do I know?!

I also took care of the social media accounts. I was able to grow the followers from 3 social media companies ORGANICALLY. The owner does not believe that social media advertisement can help the marketing campaign. So what do I know again, right?

A semiconductor company, a technology company BUT could not grasp the idea of home-based workers. A company that does not believe to its people. But again, what do I know?!

God works in mysterious ways though. Last night, one of my previous client called me and said he needed me to work on his online school. It’s something I am really looking forward to.

Perhaps this is also a sign that I need to start my own VA business. I’d like to start slowly. A former colleague wanted to help students from the university near his home. Instead of working at fast food chains why not use their knowledge in the field of their choice by working online. I like his mission and I want to help him.

Things happen for a reason.


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