The darkness slowly creeps in. I run inside to look for that one thing that makes me feel safe when the moon starts to show itself. How can I find it when I don’t even see a thing? I try to recall where I last seen it and walk slowly to its place.

Its not there! I tried to move my hands around and see if it just moved a bit. Perhaps it fell down? I slowly sat and move my arms around trying to find it. Alas! Its still not there!

Think! Think where I last saw it! Maybe it was somewhere else… Could it be near the window? Could it be near the table?

Why did I have to wait for the darkness to creep in before I look for it? Now its too late! I can’t even remember where I last saw it.

How can I feel safe now when the last string of courage I have is gone? Oh darkness! How I wish for the morning Sun to come!


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