Struggle is Real

Today marks the first day after I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. And heck, the struggle is real!

I woke up scared that my face turned to worst. Scared that I might not be able to do the usual things I needed to do. Infact I stayed for about 30 minutes in bed before I stood up and started my usual day.

Today is July 1st. Brand new day, brand new month, brand new goals! I won’t let this illness hinder me from doing what I need to do and what I loved to do. Yep! Working! Well, honestly I am enjoying what I do. I am into social media management and some administrative tasks.

I had breakfast with the family and I noticed that I can’t eat using a tablespoon (we use tablespoon to eat) but only a teaspoon. I just can’t control my mouth enough and so I get a bit messy. I can’t drink properly without the use of a straw. Ding it! So would that mean I won’t go out and have fun? Well, that remains to be seen.

I took a bath and I noticed I had to help my left eye to close so water won’t get inside…how inconvenient!

I turned on my PC and started to work…yeah, you got it right! I am having a hard time looking at it without having to wipe the tears away!

A friend told me that stress could be one of the reasons why I got this…well, not a far fetched idea as I have been stressed to the moon and back for the past few weeks! Maybe…maybe…

But as I have mentioned earlier, this illness won’t hinder me from doing what I have to do, needed to do and loved doing. Perhaps some of you would say that I have to stop and rest. Easier said than done. I have my father and my niece to feed. I have to pay for her tuition fee and her other needs. Plus, I have to have money for my regular check up and money to buy for my medication.

I have FAITH bigger than my problems so I know HE will take good care of me.



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