Inspired By Mark Zuckerberg

“We must have a purpose in life in order to move forward. But it is also important that we include other people in what we do so they can have a purpose too.” That was part of the speech of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg during Harvard’s Graduation rites a couple of days ago.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I was sacked out of job and here I am thinking of what to do with the extra time I have in my hands. Technically I am still busy with my other clients but I have been used to having full load 20 hours a day. What he said during his speech hits home. The reason being is because I have been meaning to start having my own business. I have a lot of ideas but I always fell short of action. It’s either because I am afraid to fail or I would often say as an excuse to execute – I don’t have time.

I have time but I am not making time. Not making time for me to think thoroughly about it and eventually do something about it. I know I have the knowledge and the experience but I am so afraid that what I maybe starting is going to fail.

But as Mark Zuckerberg said, those people who succeeded are also those that fail a thousand times. I know it has been said in the past so many times but admit it, we are still afraid to fail.

At this time, I think I’m getting tired of being afraid and making excuses.

I wanted to create this dream of mine so that I can get other people have a purpose in their life too. I wanted to share what I know and passionate about to other people. Maybe I will be the missing link of someone who is trying to find his worth in this world full of uncertainties.

Wish me luck!


Sacked Out!

I was sacked out today! The call that woke me up was the HR manager.

I can’t complain because I am only a consultant and they can fire me anytime they want to. The sad thing is that I am already decided that I will resign at the end of the month but they fired me before I can do that!

I was working as a Business Development Consultant for a company who is marketing a medical device for the first time here in the country. Although concept-wise, there has been like it in the country but because of red tape the product is not moving forward.

I feel like it will happen to the same product that the company I used to work for. The owner wants to have it marketed to the government. He wants to do it without giving anything in return to the officials who will ask for the budget to purchase those products!

My recommendation was to market it first to doctors, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and big time medical suppliers. Well, what do I know?!

I also took care of the social media accounts. I was able to grow the followers from 3 social media companies ORGANICALLY. The owner does not believe that social media advertisement can help the marketing campaign. So what do I know again, right?

A semiconductor company, a technology company BUT could not grasp the idea of home-based workers. A company that does not believe to its people. But again, what do I know?!

God works in mysterious ways though. Last night, one of my previous client called me and said he needed me to work on his online school. It’s something I am really looking forward to.

Perhaps this is also a sign that I need to start my own VA business. I’d like to start slowly. A former colleague wanted to help students from the university near his home. Instead of working at fast food chains why not use their knowledge in the field of their choice by working online. I like his mission and I want to help him.

Things happen for a reason.

Intricacies of Life

I don’t have any idea what to write…

Heck! I don’t even have a title while writing these 2 lines.

All I know is I wanted to write something. There’s a lot going in my mind that I don’t even know where to start. It’s like slicing a fresh orange but no juice is coming out.

Have you ever felt that way? Have you experienced the same thing? You want to write something and yet your hands are not doing any writing or typing at all?

I wanted to be one of the best social media consultant in the world. Yes, world. I have clients in Australia, in the United States and here in my own country. Although this particular home client of mine is one hell of a challenge. Monetary wise, they pay okay. But some of the top management are people still living in the 80’s. Not that the approach they have in mind is not good. It’s just it is not applicable to what we are dealing right now. Seems they were trap in the era where technology means having a rotary phone. So much about that client…Anyway, as I was saying I want to be the BEST! But I can’t seem to find time to train my self in the field. I won’t blame time. Time is here. Myself is not cooperating. Too lazy. Too stubborn.

And that is one of my problem. I want to do a lot of things but myself is not doing anything. It’s like wanting to exercise where I open YouTube, find a video for beginners on how to exercise properly. All I do is watch. I was not moving. My self is just sitting here and watching the trainer do her thing.

I have so many ideas running while I am inside the restroom but when I come back to sit in front of my PC everything went blank!

I know that the problem is ME. I know that I have to start doing something. I know that the solution is within me. But why am I so lazy?! What the F is wrong with me?!

Oh! now I have a title!


We are Working Too Hard

Working like there is no tomorrow – are you guilty of this thing too?

Working your butts off because you wanted to give everything that your family needs. But in doing so you forget to be part of your family’s lives. Working from morning till night and go home too tired to even ask your wife how was her day. Too tired to ask your parents if they took their medicine for arthritis. Too tired to ask your child if everything is okay in school.

Yes, we do get it. You say standard of living is too high. Competition in the workforce is fierce. There are a lot of people who would kill to get that job of yours. Well, okay that is too exaggerated. But yes, we do get it that there are a lot of unemployed people in the country and you are lucky to have one that feeds your family and much more. So of course you want to be the best in what you do and make sure that your company recognizes your effort. You make sure that you exceed whatever expectation they have on you.

You see, we totally understand it. But please try to slow down your work phase and see what you are missing in your everyday life.

Your wife who is very good in gardening and landscaping just impressed a couple of new neighbors and they want her to do their own garden. She also joined a community group so she can help others who are less fortunate. Isn’t she a wonderful human being? She really wanted to tell you all about these good news but when you came home from work last night you were too exhausted that you did not even ate the food she put on the table for you.

Your son who is in senior high school competing for swimming Olympics just won a Gold medal the other day. Your 12 year old daughter had her art works placed in exhibit in the community art museum. You never got the chance to see your son compete. You never get to see your daughter’s work admired by many and even bought for an unbelievable price. Why? You did not open the tiny note they left in your table that morning because you were rushing to get to work. You did not answer your phone because you were talking to an important client.

Your mom was sent to the hospital today because she had trouble breathing. You called your wife to take care of her because you have a dinner meeting with your boss. Your dad is having trouble standing up and walking because of his arthritis. You forgot to fill up their medicine. Why? Because you are too busy thinking of ways on how to improve your company’s marketing strategy to gain more profit.

When was the last time you let yourself relaxed and have a good time? Are you investing in your good health too?

Let me ask you, how important is your career achievement compared to your family? What if your mom dies today, can you find another mom to replace her? What if your daughter was raped and beaten to death on her way home from the museum because you were not able to pick her up? Can you find another daughter to replace her? If you lost your job today because you chose to rush to your mother’s side when she was sent to the hospital, can you find another job to replace the one you lost? Yes! It may take you some time but you will one day! Unlike losing a member of your family. Life can never be replaced.

Indeed having a secure a job is very important. But I hope you try to manage your time and be with your family too. Be there for them physically and emotionally. Appreciate them while they are with you. They can be taken away from you in just a snap of a finger. Learn to set your priorities. It’s never too late you know…


Stressful Life?

Most people nowadays are over stressed! Who isn’t? We may have the latest technology at hand but think about it, the more gadgets we have (and the faster we can do things) the more stressful life we have! The people then do not have smartphones or vacuum cleaners or fast cars not even a computer but they lived a happy, simple and stress-free life. I’m not kidding.

So what do we do Generation Y and Z?

I have here some tips I hope can at least help you out on your day to day activities.


  1. Start writing a “To Do” list. Tonight before you head to bed you start to list down all the urgent things you need to do tomorrow. Watch out though. I did not say important. Something might be important to do but not necessarily mean urgent. So again, start with the urgent things, then proceed to important. Do not kid your self. You know which one it is.


2. Make your bed first thing in the morning. I found out that a nice, clean and well made bed makes me think clearly. Let’s just say that maybe a good organizations skills start at your very own bedroom.


3. Cook a hearty breakfast. After all it is the most important meal of the day! You need a lot of energy to make it through the day at work or whatever you have to accomplish.


4. Clean your kitchen. Did you know that most of my ideas were thought of in my kitchen? So I make sure that my kitchen is clean and organize (and smells clean!) so that productive thoughts will keep coming.


5. Take a bath / Shower. Nothing beats a feeling that is clean and fresh!


6. Dress up! If you must put on your make up and jewelries. Anything that would make you feel good, put it on. But please, nothing too extreme. I often like to wear my comfy clothes. Clean pair of jeans and white t-shirt as I work at home.


7. Last but not the least, have a tidy working table! With too much to think about and too much to do all day, a tidy table is a must. Don’t argue with your attitude that you can still find everything even your table is in chaos. It is not helping you focus on your tasks. Messy working table would mean less productivity. I promise.

Well, I hope you can do this at least one step at a time. You may have to change some bits and pieces but you know what I mean. We are living in a fast-phase world where everybody is running just to make sure they will get to their destination. Sometimes I wonder, do they know where they are really going?

Healthy & Productive Even Working At Home

Glued to your chair 8 to 9 hours a day? Technically married to your desk? Most likely you will be suffering from some ailment soon!

Home based job is very common now and because virtual workers usually are in a room alone, there is no one where he/she can go over and have chat for a while. Because of that they tend to just sit around the whole time. Yes even during lunch. They will go outside and straight to kitchen, get some food, go back to the room and then sit back again.

Here are some must haves for a healthy and productive you.

A clean and organize room. Even though you are only at home make sure that your workstation is clean. If you can have a work room or office of your own the better but if none, it’s okay. If you are in your bedroom, make sure to set aside an area for your work only. A clean and organize workstation means your thoughts are also organize. I suggest, do not face your bed. We tend to feel sleepy whenever we see our own bed. Organize your things where you can easily find your work tools/supplies and also easy to reach out. Arrange your ballpen and markers where you can get them right away. An old cup would do. If you are artistic enough you can create your own using tissue paper rolls.

Comfortable chair. Sitting is more conducive to productivity. Find a chair with a good back rest especially if all you do is stare in your computer. I suggest a swivel chair with an armrest. Try it out and sit on it for at least 5 minutes before you buy it. That is an investment and investments must be carefully chosen. Now, it does not mean that because it is comfy you will never leave that chair! For goodness sake! Stand up and walk every after 15 or 20 minutes. Do stretching for about 2 minutes. And then every hour a longer break will be good too. Perhaps you can check on your parents, kids or fill some bottles with water. 5 minutes would be sufficient. If you are worried that your focus will be gone by the time you get back, no it won’t. In fact studies show that those little breaks help us to be more productive as we were able to rest our mind for a bit. Sometimes clever ideas would surface after we do little tasks at home.

The position of your keyboard, mouse and monitor. Your keyboard must be placed lower than your elbows to allow your forearms to rest parallel to your thighs and an inch or two higher. If you are right handed then put your mouse on the right side and if left handed then put it in the left side. This would be helpful as moving mouse will be just like automatic. For the monitor, make sure it is within eye level. Putting it higher or lower would strain your neck.

Find time to do exercise and work on your lower back. Sitting most of the time makes our lower back feel numb. Also, work on your knees and shoulder. Sitting for longer hours takes a toll on that part of your body.

Have fun. Try to be active and interactive during non-working hours. Unwind during weekends or on your rest day. All work and no play could be a cause for you to be burnt out easily on what you are doing. Having fun does not mean it will be expensive. There are a lot of ways that you can have fun without spending too much or even not need to spend at all.