Penna – Your Typewriter Keyboard

If you clicked and watched the link above you’ll know what I mean by my title.


Who else in this era uses a typewriter?! From professionals to a kid as young as 5 years old, we all use our computer, laptop, tablets and smartphones. We use the printer to print what we have written. So imagine the feeling if we, 80’s kids can get our hands in one of the Penna Keyboard?! Awesome, right?! The technology of today with a hint of yesteryears!

I remember during my first year in college. We have this class on how to use and type using the typewriter though but I never learned the proper finger position! Lol! Imagine all these blogs to be typed and put in a folder? How do we share our feelings to the world? We send to magazines so they can print? What if the blog is nothing of greatness like mine? Who would offer to print this in a regional or national magazine? So my thoughts will just be between me and my typewriter! ha!ha!

Anyway, I was just so happy to see this post and thought of sharing it to you guys and feel the magic of nostalgia it brings. Happy typing!

Now, I need to find how and where I can buy…


The Gen Z

What is Gen Z? Who is Gen Z? They are those people who were born after 1995. Most of them will be graduating in college soon and will be part of the workforce. The Generation Z will be soon if not already become part of the consumer community. It has been rumored that this target market is becoming a subject to most consumer behavioral studies because they exude more buying prowess than Gen Y.

Did you know that Gen Z are twice heavy mobile users than Gen Y? They grew up in a more advance digital age where they prefer to use their mobile rather than the traditional computers. Yes, not even laptops or notebooks. Smartphone/Android phones and sometimes, tablet are the preferred mode of communication and entertainment for this group of individual.

They would rather use instant messaging than email. They would use Facebook or Twitter in making their voice be heard. They would use Instagram or Snapchat to let the world know what they are up to. And with all of these, they need accessories to go with their posts. They would use their phones when buying stuff, food or even place a reservation in cinema or restaurant.

If you are a business owner, you would say that small market players will not stand a chance against the giants. You are wrong. Less famous brands, small & medium business owners need not to worry. Gen Z may all be about brands but it does not mean they would go for famous brands all the time. In fact, it was discovered that they prefer experience over the brand name. If a friend has better experience over one item from a lesser popular brand it is possible that this Gen Z person would go and buy the same stuff.

But, yes there is a but in this. The attention span of Gen Z’s is faster than a speeding bullet! Kidding aside, yes Gen Z has an attention span of only 3 seconds in digital sense. So each marketer must come up with a better idea on how to capture them best.

One characteristic I find endearing to Gen Z is that since they are living in a diverse ethnicity you won’t hear them describe other people by race but by personal traits or general characteristics.

I just hope that all businesses, big or small will be able to compete to capture this said generation. A few more years and generation X will be gone…